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Molecular biology services provide indispensable, specialized procedures for busy laboratories or clinics that do not have the time and/or resources for in house production. Most molecular biology techniques can be outsourced at varying volumes and turnaround times depending on the laboratory’s throughput and budget.

We at Allianz Bio provide the following Genomic Services which will make difference for thousand of researchers over the period of time. As the most trusted company, we're proud to provide flexible and reliable molecular biology services to accelerate your research.

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  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Flexible sample submission (Free Pickup)
  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective

Microbial Identification

  • Bacterial identification using 16S rRNA gene
  • Fungal identification using ITS1-ITS2/28S region
  • Algal identification using 23S

Fast Track Sequencing

  • Template in-Sequence out
  • Easy and quick sequencing of your PCR products and plasmid
  • BAC sequencing
  • Primer walking

Cloning and Sequencing

We offer cloning & sequencing for by cloning your DNA/PCR Products in a vector using standard cloning kits, followed by sequencing in ABi 3730Xl (Sanger sequencing methodology).

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

We provide customized oligo nucleotides to cater your PCR, sequencing & genotyping needs. Oligos are made with high precision and delivered in a time bound manner.

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About Us

Allianz BioInnovation is a leading distributor of Biological Research Kits & Reagents, Bioconsumables and Equipments of leading principal companies from all over the world The company has gained recognition, success and growth to its present position of a leading distributor as a result of our focus on scientist's research needs and by following three principle viz; value, service and support. We cater to each and every small details which might be the gamechanger for our researchers. We also help lot of doctors in the field of diagnostic by distributing novel and innovative diagnostic range of product.


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